Garden 1897 Restaurant

The Turkish Cuisine has evolved over the centuries by blending the characteristics of the regions habitated by the Turks throughout history and materials offered by these regions and has become a rich culinary culture.

The Ottoman Palace Cuisine, which forms the basis of today's Turkish cuisine was very refined at the beginning, it was eaten at modest and unpretentious tables. Over time, the tables became richer and more diverse as the Ottomans dominated many continents and incorporated different cultures.


A Delicious History Journey...

As Garden 1897 Restaurant, we offer the opportunity to taste this rich flavor culture, which is a gift of history, in its original form in the 21st century. In other words, we create a timeline through which you can switch between centuries and take you on a delicious history journey accompanied by our master chefs.


A Peaceful Atmosphere...

We not only offer you Turkish & Ottoman cuisine, but also a peaceful atmosphere formed by our welcoming employees and the historical texture of Sultan Ahmet in the garden of the mansions renovated with 19th century architecture.


Meeting Point of Different Cultures: Istanbul...


We are in Sultanahmet, in the heart of Istanbul, which has a magnificent history dating back 8,500 years and has been the capital of 3 civilizations. Therefore, coming to Garden 1897 Restaurant does not mean taking a break from your trip. As soon as you step out of here, you will witness history again, and at every step you will embrace history again.

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